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April 30 2015

Wow I’m actually getting tired before 4am xD. Maybe because I put my Playstation back in the living room and am not currently marathoning shows in bed.


I AM NOW wholockedhylianat221b

April 29 2015

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luck be in the air tonight

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Follow Ultrafacts for more facts


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So this is the thing I chose to do at 2am cause I couldn’t sleep; dress like an old western lady… Okay then, Yay being sleepy drunk cx

Go follow her. Her blog is awesome!

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I am so so very exhausted by the anti-GMO anti-Vax ‘just liquify your kale and take vitamins to cure everything’ crowd. I’m so tired of NIMBY and vague toxin fear mongering. I am so tired of holistic bullshit and a refusal to have even the most basic understanding of how the human body works. I’m sick of people with peer reviewed studies backing them up being labeled as shills by people who are getting money from companies that sell expensive organic whole foods. I’m tired of ‘you can’t put a price on health!’ when it’s pointed out how classist expecting people to eat paleo vegan organic raw is. I’m so done with the smug images of women with ponytails in white tank tops drinking a smoothie with captions about increased rates of illnesses that can easily be attributable to our increased lifespan and better methods of diagnosis are obviously caused by evil doctors. I’m done with people who haven’t taken a single class on chemistry, biology, or medicine claiming that there’s no money in a cure and wow have you heard Canada totally cured cancer

End this misinforming, fear mongering, dangerous bullshit

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i am reminded that english is a flawed language every time I am forced to use “that that” in a sentence

I cannot believe that that ‘that that’ thing is a thing we use in english

I cannot believe that that “that that that that thing is a thing” thing is a thing you just said

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I have so much respect for people who make dictionaries. Someone’s job was to literally describe every word in the English language and put it in a book, like if I had to do that it’d be so sarcastic and rude like “sky: that blue fucking thing over your head dumbass”

can you write a dictionary please

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When you tell a really corny pun to your friends:





look inside yourself. what do you see. you should at least have a few lungs

a few

give or take

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